Take two of my lifelong favorite things and what do you get? CyberCat, of course!

I have been fascinated with technology for as long as I can remember, and with computer systems since before I got my first home machine in 1980 (an Apple ][+). I learned as much as I could about how to use computers – and how to apply them in ways they weren’t intended to be used. Insatiable curiosity and the opportunity to explore computer security academically and professionally led to a multi-decade career in what is now called cybersecurity.

I’ve had cats around for longer than I’ve had computers – they’ve always been a part of my life. My wife and I work with Animal Allies Rescue Foundation (AARF), a 100% volunteer-run 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and adoption of abandoned, abused, homeless, and senior dogs and cats in the Baltimore area. My wife is a regional coordinator and we have fostered hundreds of kittens and cats over the years.

I’ve been helping high-risk organizations ensure appropriate security for their mission needs for decades. Here’s a brief write-up from the November 22, 2022 CYBERSECURITY & Information Systems Digest:

Art Wilson, CISSP